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vertical taskbars on MATE

Hey there,

Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>Little Girl wrote:
>>Liam Proven wrote:
>>>Maté is fine but can't do vertical taskbars.    
>>Actually, it's pretty quick and painless to get vertical taskbars on
>>the MATE desktop. I created a quick blog post and added a couple of
>>screenshots of my desktop with some samples. The first one shows a
>>bottom and left taskbar. The second one shows a bottom and two left
>>taskbars. I don't normally use a left taskbar, so I just threw some
>>shortcuts onto them so you could see them in action:

>To a vertical mate-panel add "Window List" and enlarge the panel to
>384 pixels. IIUC what's called "Window List" for mate-panel is what
>Liam calls "task bar".

Yeah, even without doing that, I was able to see the misbehavior of
the applets when I did further experiments today. See the additions
to the page above to see the results of my experiments.

The only time the orientation of the applets is consistent and
correct is when they're in a horizontal panel. When the panel is
vertical, the orientation of some is horizontal and others is
vertical. Worst of all, many of the ones that should be horizontal
aren't, making them either difficult or impossible to read/use.

>For xfce4-panel it's called "Window Buttons". If you s
>The versions of the panels might be important.

That's true. I think I used an older version of Ubuntu MATE for my
tests. Yep, I used an Ubuntu MATE 16.10 ISO.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.