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Output from 'groups' is suddently different to /etc/group

On Fri, 20 Jul 2018 at 15:56, R. Diez via ubuntu-users
<ubuntu-users at> wrote:
> How would I know? I was just looking for something like VirtualBox, to
> play around with a different distro. All in user space.

It isn't. Virtualbox isn't. Virtualbox also requires a restart because
it also installs a virtual network adapter. This is true on Windows
and Mac OS X as well as on Linux.

> As far as I remember, Synaptic did not tell me that I had installed
> something ground-breaking, or that I had to log off or reboot
> afterwards.

I don't think it will by design, no. Possibly the GNOME Software app
would. I am not sure but I don't think Synaptic has any way to suggest
a reboot. If you install critical system updates, e.g. kernel updates,
it still doesn't -- but the Ubuntu software updater will pop up and
tell you. It won't for apps, though.

> Or are you expecting end-users to read the installation log?

I don't think anyone is really expecting end-users to play around with
hypervisors. Someone who does such stuff should have some admin skills
and knowledge and know that it will require a restart.

Sorry, I'm not being mean here, but this is power-user stuff. If you
want VMs to talk to the host, the internet, and each other, a virtual
network switch is a necessity. That means adding a virtual NIC and
changing the system routing tables. And that means a restart, or a lot
of manual work.

Dr Tanenbaum warned us of this in 1991. He was right. He's still right.!topic/comp.os.minix/wlhw16QWltI%5B1-25%5D

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