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How to install Canon MG3051 printer

On Wed 18 Jul 2018 at 12:46:13 +0100, Bela Yorke wrote:

> Dear Ubuntu users,

I am not a Ubuntu user, but the principal is the same for any Debian-
based system.

> Could somebody help please.
> I had to buy a new printer - Canon PIXMA Mg3051 - and would like to install
> it to me desktop PC DELL Dimmension 3100 (32 bit) runing Ubuntu 16.04 OS. I
> have installed it to my wife's laptop running Windows 7 an it took 5
> minutes. I have been trying to install it for the past 2 months and NOT

5 minutes? As long as that? :)

> SUCCEEDING nor can I find a simple help point to ask. i am a not very clever
> everyday user.

1. Go tp

   and download the IJ Printer Driver (debian Packagearchive) tarball.

2. Extract the i386 .deb from the tarball and install it with 'dpkg -i'.

3. Use the CUPS web interface at localhost:631 to install the printer.
   You want the canonmg3000.ppd.