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18.04 = circular login problem on system freeze

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 at 17:40, Jim <jf_byrnes at> wrote:

> I haven't used it much yet but I am sure I would end up agreeing with
> you. I don't like how they keep arbitrarily removing functionality on
> what seems like a whim.


> > *Ubuntu* 19? Not *Mint* 19? Typo?
> Not a typo on my part. It says Ubuntu 19 on a typical ubuntu colored
> background.

:-o Weird!

> It does. When I boot to Ubuntu it is much much quicker.

I'd bet.

Mint 19 on my girlfriend's PC boots in a quarter of the time Win10
does, and it doesn'ty display any weird messages as it does so. I do
have the nVidia drivers installed, though.

> I think I will wipe out Cinnamon first and see what that does. I may
> give Xfce  a try. I briefly ran it years ago.

It hasn't changed much. :-)

The only feature I would like, the one thing, would be to be able to
pin app icons to the taskbar. Other than that, it suits me fine. I
don't particularly want a Windows-like UI, but unless someone can
offer me something better -- e.g. as Mac OS X and Unity do -- then
I'll take it.

But if I have one, I want it to do everything Windows does, at least
as well or better. Xfce pretty much does that for my #1 want --
vertical taskbars. None of the other Windows-like desktops apart from
LXDE/LXQt do that well or at all.

Except app-pinning. That's the one new thing since Win7 that I like.

OK, Win10 has virtual desktops, and I like that, but Linux already did
that for a couple of decades.

The only other improvement, IMHO, is the ability to search
subdirectories in a specified tree for drivers. That's a killer
feature, introduced in Vista, and I've never seen a single other
person comment on it. That alone has saved me *hours*.

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