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Ubuntu 18.04 and wine

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 at 15:24, Jatin khatri <khatri.jatin at> wrote:
> > Is it known to work with WINE?
> yes I've used it with previous version of Ubuntu and Mint as well

Hmm. Is it this?

There is a Linux version, I can see that. It might be worth asking them.

If you just need remote-control software, I have successfully used
Teamviewer on Linux before now.

You won't be able to let someone else remote-control Linux using a
Windows client app under WINE, you know that, right?

There's also a small possibility that the double period in the
filename is confusing it. Try renaming it to "ammyy36.exe" or
something like that, with no spaces or other punctation, and try

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