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What did I just ruin?

You did not mention how you invoked script and the apt-get command. The
script manpage explicitly mentions that it requires an interactive
shell, see .

My guess is, that since debconf was "falling back to frontend:
Readline", the dialog required to answer with "yes" or "no" and nothing
else, so the "assume-yes" option did exactly this, it always assumed
"yes", otherwise apt-get would have aborted, see .

However, I wonder what "yes" is for e.g. a config related "default
action", see , if neither
the dpkg option "force-confnew" or "force-confold" is used. Is the
default action to always install the new or to always keep the old
configuration file, or could the default action be different for each
package, or is this the type of question apt-get would abort?

I'm curious about the replies from those subscribers, who usually
provide examples with the "assume-yes" option, when replying to other
subscriber's requests.