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So everything  s/b builtin.

On the machines where the exports work, nfsd_serv does have a grep hit out 
of /proc/kallsyms.

On this machine it does not exist. doing a modprobe for it is an empty 
return. Because its builtin, or supposed to be, it doesn't show in an 
lsmod, but I was under the impression that kallsyms would contain its name 
and offset address if it existed.

So the failure is legit.  I'll go back over my make xconfig again.  My 
"makeit" script is supposed to fail, leaving the failure on screen if 
something does not build.  Back later after I check it again.

As for distro kernels here on this machine, there are none, or only one 
'distro' but the distro is available, based on 10.04.4 LTS, from the site.  This whole distro for running linuxcnc has a frozen 
kernel because of the extremely invasive patches needed to get real time 
performance, using the RTAI patch kit.  Default kernel is a 2.6.32-122-
rtai.  For smaller  machines, it is not SMP nor PAE configured.  Runs 
great on a machine with a single 2G ram in it, on an atom cpu.

Its a terminally ill dog kernel on a phenom with 8Gb of dram, using as 
much as 3Gb of swap in a 24 hour uptime because it cannot see the full 
memory in this machine.  I am happy running the lcnc as a simulator here 
as there is not any dangerous machinery waiting for commands on the 


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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