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Proposal: Let's drop i386

On 2018-05-09 13:07, Bryan Quigley wrote:
> Machines running i386 Ubuntu which are capable of running
> amd64 Ubuntu are vulnerable to the critical Meltdown vulnerability
> where they wouldn't be if they were running amd64. (Some actual i386
> hardware simply isn't vulnerable, but some is).

This right here seems like the biggest argument to remove i386. If it's
a security issue, we should not support it.

> here are some i386 to amd64 ratios for 18.04:
> Lubuntu cdimage - 0.87 

And there is my concern. That says the vast majority of Lubuntu's users
are using i386. The question becomes whether or not they have to. There
has been documentation all over the place to download i386 if you don't
know which is the right one and so people may still be running on this.
So maybe the number is skewed. But if it's not, does this mean Lubuntu
becomes irrelevant?

> The first step would be to all agree on dropping images/installers but
> we should keep the end goal of dropping the port in mind ideally soon
> as well.

Maybe keeping only the netboot image might make sense?

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