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Bugs reports should include syslog warnings or not?

Robie Basak wrote on 19/03/18 19:41:
>â?¦> No, I think you have the inverse sense of what I intended. I mean
that> by the _developer_ choosing to write upstream code such that
something> is logged,
Ah, I see, I misinterpreted â??oneâ?? as referring to the user.

>            that developer is also implicitly deciding that the logs
> may be made public, because that's how the ecosystem works. So
> upstreams should ensure that private information is not logged by
> default.
>> This seems to assume that the main use of Ubuntu log files is posting
>> in public bug reports and support forums â?? rather than, say,
>> troubleshooting and system administration in corporate IT
>> departments. Again, Iâ??d be surprised if thatâ??s true.
> For a privacy concern, I don't think it matters what the main use is.
> A minority use that leads to a leak is still a leak that we should
> fix.

The proportion of use determines *how* it should be fixed. If many/most
uses of a log are for private troubleshooting and system administration,
then expecting every upstream developer to omit useful information when
logging â?? or to store â??the private information somewhere
out-of-default-bandâ?? â?? would not be the most efficient solution.