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mass SRUing for changing triggers to noawait in progress

Hi ubuntu-devel,

just a quick note that there is a mass SRUing going on (into xenial 
mostly) for converting await triggers to noawait, the progress is being 
tracked in Help is welcome, 
just assign yourself a task first and then complete it. Do note that 
there are some pitfalls where triggers cannot be converted to noawait, 
like gsettings schemas. If you are not sure, discuss it or leave it to 
someone else.

Some artwork packages of flavours also need the same changes, that
progress is tracked in - 
I do encourage the people working on those flavours to fix it.

Our goal is to get those changes into xenial before 18.04.1 so that 
there are less upgrade failures. (Upgrade failures because the "await"
triggers require triggers to be processed before configuration, so
if your package A triggers B, for example, by installing a file, B
declares an "interest" in; then B's postinst needs to run before A's
postinst can, which can easily fail if A does not depend on B, as
B might not be in a configurable state).

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