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More diagnostics data from desktop

On 14 February 2018 at 18:37, Alistair Buxton <a.j.buxton at> wrote:
> > * Information from the installation would be sent over HTTPS to a service
> > run by Canonicalâ??s IS team.  This would be saved to disk and sent on
> first
> > boot once there is a network connection.  The file containing this data
> > would be available for the user to inspect.
> So you ask the user during install. Then the data is sent on first
> boot. At what point can the user inspect the data, given that some of
> it can't be collected until after installation is finished? It seems
> like the first opportunity will be after it has been sent, unless you
> ask the user a second time. So why not just ask them on first boot,
> when you have already gathered all the data? That way user can inspect
> the data there and then before deciding how to answer.

Yes, I think the first opportunity would be after it has been sent.  I'm
generally against asking more questions on login though, I think it would
be clunky.
We're considering ways to make the tool a stand-alone snap which could be
much more interactive and could be installed and run independently of the
"Send diagnostics" checkbox.

> >    * Screen(s) resolution
> This won't be correct after first boot on my system. I have to reboot
> at least one more time to install working graphics drivers.

Good point, thanks.  We're more interested in general trends than the
specifics, so this might skew the data a bit, I think it will work out in
the end.
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