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The Gnome Ubuntu Extension

The Gnome Ubuntu Extension, by Xaba

Hi buddies. I have a Dream!

I don't know if someone already proposed a "Gnome Ubuntu" extension to 
offer an Ubuntu Unity experience in Gnome. If Canonical doesn't want to 
continue developing the Unity, they could maintain an official "Gnome 
Ubuntu" extension to offer the Unity experience in Gnome and take care 
the "Unity orphans". If Canonical doesn't want to do it, doesn't matter, 
we can do it. If they like this idea, great, please, help us.

So, my proposal is combine the extensions bellow in an unique "Gnome 
Ubuntu" extension to have a Ubuntu Unity experience in Gnome:

â?¢ Ubuntu appindicators (Ubuntu 18.04 native)

â?¢ Ubuntu dock (Ubuntu 18.04 native)

â?¢ Gnome global application menu

â?¢ Hide Activities Button (we have two options)

I am using the extensions and they are working very well in Ubuntu 
18.04, with the exception of "Hide Activities Button" extension that is 
not working (well, here is not working).

My suggestions are also:

[S1] Creating an option to hide the title bar of the windows and put the 
buttons in the top left corner of the top bar, like the Unity 
experience. While there is not a solution to solve it, I am also using 
the extension:

â?¢ Hide Top Bar

[S2] Creating an option to change the "Show Application" side of the 
dock with the options "Top" or "Down".

Going beyond, I would like suggesting to the Gnome Community:

[G1] Including the functionalities of the unity-gtk-module packages in 
the GTK native functions. Why not? This would improve the GTK 
functionalities. Let's propose it to the GTK community and check their 

[G2] Combining and integrate the "Settings" and "Tweaks" gnome 
applications in just one application. Please, let's integrate and simplify.

I believe when can flow using, combining and integrating the resources 
that are already available to co-create more optimized and fancy / 
beautiful solutions to attending our preferences.

I don't have big programming skills and I don't have a lot free time to 
kick off it. So, if you feel the call, please, I need your help to make 
this Dream true.

Constructive, enthusiastic and appreciative ideas, comments, suggestions 
to make this Dream true are welcome.

ADDENDUM: My intention with my post is not to stimulate an Ubuntu Unity 
project to maintain Unity in some way, because I know this it already 
happening. If there are people thinking in this direction, it is great, 
let's see what happen. My intention is, mainly, stimulating the creation 
of one Gnome extension that simulate all, or most, the Unity 
functionalities in Gnome, because in my point of view, it is easier 
maintain an Gnome extension than all Unity and Compiz applications. 
Considering Canonical is more interested in maintain the Servers 
services instead the Desktop services, this could be a good solution for 
Canonical take care the "Unity orphans" and, in the same time, improve 
the Gnome functionalities for the people that want it. Was it clear? 
Hey, Canonical people, please, think about it (probably they already 
thought about it) !

Hugs and Cheers.