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[ubuntu/bionic-proposed] update-manager 1:18.04.11 (Accepted)

I saw this upload to bionic today and a similar one for a different
package yesterday and had some questions about it.

Why is it necessary to modify individual packages so that GNOME
Software won't uninstall them?

Is update-manager being a dependency of ubuntu-desktop not enough to
prevent it from being uninstalled?

If it is necessary to modify every package which a metapackage depends
on how is this work being tracked?

What checks are in place to ensure that no packages are missed and that
new additions get appropriately changed?

----- Forwarded message from Jeremy Bicha <jbicha at> -----

update-manager (1:18.04.11) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Add Appstream metadata with compulsory_for_desktop fields to prevent
    the accidental uninstallation of ubuntu-desktop in GNOME Software.
    ubuntu-desktop depends on update-manager.
  * Build-Depend on dh-python
  * Update translation template

Brian Murray