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Seeking advice/help for custom linux requirement


your request belongs to the users mailing list. Have you already done
some research by yourself? Without any experiences in this domain and
any research the following comes to my mind.

On Mon, 7 May 2018 02:28:07 +0530, Nipun Pruthi wrote:
>I need to make a custom version of linux with following requirements:
>1. When turned on, it will open a prespecified website in a browser.

Just autostart the browser with this specific website.

>2. User can't open any other website or application, can't minimize the

Use kiosk only or use iptables to block/whitelist IPs and disable
Ctrl+Alt+ F-keys and use kiosk. Run the user session as xterm session
or a tiling window manager session that doesn't allow resizing the
window. Actually I don't know what already could be achieved by just
using kiosk. Note, e.g. firefox could be e.g. closed by a shortcut,
perhaps kiosk does cover this, too.

>3.  Whenever someone tried to open Terminal, it will ask for "Admin

So the user should be allowed to open at least this second app, too?
Install the terminal to a path that only is accessible with root
privileges. Use a gksudo wrapper etc. pp.

Again, your request belongs to the users mailing list.