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Not download Ubuntu software

On Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:11:06 +0530, umang agola wrote:
>Not proper working download tux paint pls send me link proper


"tuxpaint" is provided by the "universe" repository for all
supported releases, Trusty, Xenial, Artful and Bionic as well as for
the future release Cosmic. Your request belongs to another mailing
list, consider to join . Please use an
appropriate subject and provide more information. What Ubuntu flavour
are you using? Which Ubuntu (flavour) release are you using? How did you
try to download/install tuxpaint? What happens? Do you get any error
message? If so, what error message do you get? Are you using any third
party repository?

Did you open a terminal and try to run

  sudo apt update
  sudo apt full-upgrade
  sudo apt install tuxpaint