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Ubuntu installer is broken. It cannot partition a 10TB Ironwolf Red

I posted a request for help over a week ago and have not
garnered any interest in my plea.

I have been trying everything I can think of to get Ubuntu to
partition my brand new disk drive. I have tried the current
and previous Ubuntu and also Debian 9. Whether I do guided
or manual, I can get the partition set up I want... but it
is not accepted. It says there is an offset in partition 2,
which is the / partition that will be horribly inefficient, says
to delete and recreate it and that will fix everything...
except it does not. If I say NO, and try to CONTINUE, it just
throws me back to the question. There is no way out.

There is something rotten deep in the bowels of the partitioning
tools used in everyone's installers. Suggestions on a work around
until someone figures out how to fix the problem?

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