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C# and .NET development in Ubuntu


Near as I can tell, MonoDevelop v7.5.0.1254 is out, yet Debian and Ubuntu
use 5.10 from 2016.  MonoDevelop 7.5 is also Visual Studio for Mac, and is
LGPL and MIT licensed.

When I tried using MonoDevelop on 16.04, it was impossible to build Web
applicationsâ??they simply didn't build due to missing libraries.  The new
Packages.json format wasn't supported, because MonoDevelop was 5.10 and
didn't support NuGet 3.  The situation apparently has not changed.

With .NET Core under MIT license, we should be able to build .NET Core Web
applications which run in Docker containers.  We should be able to do such
development on Linux, lest the popularity of C# and .NET equate to the
popularity of Windows Server.  Yet at the moment it seems Linux users are
required to build their build environmentâ??or go get Visual Studio and
Windows 10.

Is .NET no longer interesting to the Linux community as a whole?  It seems
the concession has been granted to Microsoft:  make a language and a
platform popular and lock people out of Linux for application development.

I'm curious as to how we got here from the immense popularity of Mono
several years ago.
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