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Unable to set up Python correctly

On 2020-11-13 05:28, Charles Okorobo wrote:
> I have a problem going to one(1) week now. Our instructor told us that we
> can check if our Python is well installed or well set up correctly by
> typing Control-Shift- P on Windows OS while in VS Code Editor. We cut out
> the path enclosed within the Quotation Marks, then we type "Select
> Interpreter" and this will auto detect the installation path of our Python
> installation. And when we click on that path, it will auto populate the
> Path for us.
> I did that, and it never happened. I mean that--when I followed all the
> instructions, my path never auto populated.
> So while the Path of our instructor is 3.8 and 32-bit, mine is 3.9 and
> 64-bit. But I am not able to auto populate the path to reflect my own path
> and Python version. And when I try to print out Hello World, I get an error.
> See screenshot of the path error--
> [image: Mine vs default Path.png]
> See screenshot of my Hello World error--
> [image: Python VS Code error.png]
> How can I fix this?
> And is anyone willing to use Team Member software to help me remotely fix
> this and still show me what you did to fix it?
> I've not been able to move forward.
> Needing help desperately.
Have you tried just editing the path in settings.json?

It might be as simple as changing "Python38-32" to "Python39-64", 
assuming that you installed Python in a similar place.