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How to start using python

Thanks for the help from everyone.
Operating system is windows 7. Download installation file is python-3.7.9-amd64.exe downloaded from No problems when I run it, installation successful.
Have tried 2 + 3 with a result of 5 at the command prompt. whatever I put in after that I get a message telling me the entry is undefined.
Anthony Steventon.

From: Bob Gailer 
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2020 8:58 PM
To: Anthony Steventon 
Cc: python list 
Subject: Re: How to start using python

On Nov 12, 2020 10:41 PM, "Anthony Steventon" <asteventon at> wrote:
> I am new to Python and have downloaded the software onto my pc. There is no shortcut on my desktop. How the heck do I access it to start learning how to program with it?

Visit www.Python.Org there should be some links to tutorials that should cover the topics of how to install python and how to start using it. If that does not help come back to us with more information including your operating system, the website from which you downloaded the installer, the name of the installer file, and what you did to install python. You also might try from a terminal or command prompt typing py, which should start up a python Interactive session. You should see>>> type 2 + 3 hit enter you should see a new line displaying five. Let us know how it goes and we'll give you a hand from there.

Bob Gailer 

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