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Unable to set up Python correctly

I have a problem going to one(1) week now. Our instructor told us that we
can check if our Python is well installed or well set up correctly by
typing Control-Shift- P on Windows OS while in VS Code Editor. We cut out
the path enclosed within the Quotation Marks, then we type "Select
Interpreter" and this will auto detect the installation path of our Python
installation. And when we click on that path, it will auto populate the
Path for us.

I did that, and it never happened. I mean that--when I followed all the
instructions, my path never auto populated.

So while the Path of our instructor is 3.8 and 32-bit, mine is 3.9 and
64-bit. But I am not able to auto populate the path to reflect my own path
and Python version. And when I try to print out Hello World, I get an error.

See screenshot of the path error--
[image: Mine vs default Path.png]

See screenshot of my Hello World error--
[image: Python VS Code error.png]

How can I fix this?

And is anyone willing to use Team Member software to help me remotely fix
this and still show me what you did to fix it?

I've not been able to move forward.
Needing help desperately.