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How to start using python

I am not feeling well these days. It is sometimes difficult for me to
respond to others the way I would like to.  This is a long reply; in my
humble opinion is important to read all of it

1-whenever you respond to an email from one of us please include the help
list what you can do by reply-all since there are others on this list who
also help.

2 - you did not provide the information I had requested. It's really hard
to help without that information.

3 - problems like you are facing are usually due to some unusual
installation method.

4 - I suspect when you run the Visual Basic icon you enter an interactive
development environment. True? Python also comes with an interactive
development environment its name is IDLE. Idle is normally installed in a
subdirectory how's the one that contains python.exe. once you locate that
director you'll be able to run idle and you will be in an environment that
will look somewhat familiar to you. There are tutorials specifically
written to help you use IDLE. Others on this list can tell you how to
locate that tutorial.

5 - I am sorry you are having such difficulty. It is relatively unusual for
newcomers to experience that.

6 - suggestion: uninstall the thing you installed. go to python.Org. find,
download and run the correct installer paying attention to any information
it gives you on where it is installing python. then try running py again.

On Nov 12, 2020 10:41 PM, "Anthony Steventon" <asteventon at>

> I am new to Python and have downloaded the software onto my pc. There is
> no shortcut on my desktop. How the heck do I access it to start learning
> how to program with it?
> Anthony Steventon.
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