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Need help in installing numpy

On 2020-11-10 23:32, adelamsaleh--- via Python-list wrote:
> Dear Python Community,
> I am new to python.? I sucessfully installed python 3.9 from on my windows 10 pc.
> I checked it by typing 'py' in the windows cmd prompt and the system indeed responds with the version number, then the >>> prompt, and I can run simple programs without any problem.
> BUT, if I go back to the cmd prompt and type 'python --version', I simply get the cmd prompt again with no outputs whatsoever.
> I want to install the 'numpy' package. But when I type on the cmd prompt 'pip install numpy', I get the response:pip : The term 'pip' is not recognized as the name of a cmd let ... etc.
> I thought that pip is now a part of later versions of python versions 3.x. If so, what did I do wrong?
> I know this is a very elementary question for this site, but I would appreciate any help.
Using the Python launcher:

     py --version


     py -m pip install numpy