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returning totals in functions of math

On 09/11/2020 09:41, Quentin Bock wrote:
> Okay, thank you :) I didn't understand about 90% of what you explained 
> lol (sorry) but the sum worked and I have the correct answer. Also, do 
> you know any numbers that could replace 1 in this function as the total? 
> just curious
> Thanks :)

Yes, apologies to you. Some of those points were discussing another 
response. Its content was quite advanced. Please ignore, as noted.

Am assuming that the question about "1" has been answered. OK?

Please post* the successful code for both multiply() and add(), then we 
will be able to help you draw comparisons and/or re-factor (improve the 
code - or improve the approach) - whether your question is about 'math' 
or about 'Python'.

* best to copy-paste directly from the code-editor.

Incidentally, if you would prefer, there is a "Tutor" list where 
<<<Folks interested in learning about programming with Python are 
encouraged to join, as are folks interested in helping others learn>>>
Regards =dn