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Trouble Uninstalling Python 3.7.9 & 3.8.6 on Windows 10

 Hi there,

I have been using multiple versions of Python on my laptop running Windows

I installed 3.7.9 (64-bit) for my school work and 3.8.6 (64-bit) for my
personal usage.

*Build Number: 19041.572*

I had decided to uninstall both Python versions from my system as I wanted
to have a clean install.

(There seems to be virtually no problems with the python installations
itself as I can use both pip and the REPL without any issues.)

However, whenever I try to uninstall any Python version from the Programs &
Features section of the Control Panel, the files do not seem to get
There is no error message and the output is shown as "Uninstall was

I tried a couple of things listed below:
1) I tried removing the files myself in order to uninstall Python 3.7.9 . I
had installed Python 3.7.9 at  C:\Python37 and permanently deleted the
files from that folder. However, Python 3.7.9 was still showing up in
Programs & Features.

2) I tried using the Repair option from the Programs & Features and the
"Repair was successful". However, when I tried to select the Uninstall
option, no files were removed and I received the same message again
("Uninstall was successful")

3) I tried finding the *Uninstall String within the Registry Editor in
Windows 10*. I found it and ran it and it also removed no files.

4) I restarted the laptop multiple times and the result was still the same.

I tried the above steps with both Python 3.7.9 and Python 3.8.6 and I got
the same result every time (Uninstall was successful, however no files were

I would be highly grateful if the person receiving this mail could provide
a solution

Thanks & Regards

Tanmay Deshpande