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I have no clue figuring out how to check dates in workholidays

On 06Nov2020 08:41, J.J. E. <nkopteng at> wrote:
>Thank you for allowing me in this support mailing list.

Anyone may join. Welcome!

>My experience with
>Python is short due to my new job. My boss told me that I need to create a
>code that checks yesterday's date. The conditions for returning none are
>   - Yesterday happens to be a holiday,
>   - Yesterday turns out to be a Saturday or a Sunday.
>For both reasons, it needs to return None.

A remark: that is unusual. Normally this would be a "logical" test: is 
yesterday a workholiday or not, returning True or False accordingly.  
Returning None will "test" as false, but it is not a normal value for 
false situations.

What does your function return when neither situation applies?

>Now I have learned to scan a
>text file, and I have learned (ROUGHLY) the structure of what seems to scan
>for specific words in "Indented Comments".
>The file "" that I have joined stands for getWorkingDate.

This is a text only list, and the list software discards most, if not 
all, attachments. Your sample file is not present in the email I 

Please paste the contents of directly into your email (which 
itself should be a _reply_ to this email or your original email). Then 
we can see your code.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>