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Is there a conflict of libraries here?

In my program, I have the following lines of code: 

    import random

    import re

    import time

    import datetime

    from datetime import timedelta

    from time import gmtime, strftime ##define strftime as time/date right

    import winsound as ws  

    import sys

These may or may not affect my new program code but here is the issue:


If I add the code:

      from datetime import datetime

these new lines work:

           dt = datetime.fromisoformat(ItemDateTime)

           dt_string = dt.strftime(' at %H:%M on %A %d %B %Y')

and will fail without that "datetime import datetime" line




With that "datetime import datetime" line included,

all of the lines of code throughout the program that contain
"datetime.datetime" fail.  
These have been in use for over three years and there are at least a dozen
of them.

The error produced is:

    time1  = datetime.datetime.strptime(T1, date_format)

    AttributeError: type object 'datetime.datetime' has no attribute


How do I have my cake and eat it too?





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