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GUI (tkinter) popularity and job prospects for

On 2020-10-22, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:

> I doubt you'll find any jobs connected a particular Python GUI toolkit.
> Except maybe at Red Hat.

A couple years ago my employer was looking for (and hired) a Python wx
application developer.

> Most likely you'll find Python used in web app development, back-end
> server system programming, scripting, etc.

Where I work, we use it exclusively for command line and GUI
application development. That may not be terribly common, but there
are jobs in actual application development.

> Of course Python can be used with a variety of GUI toolkits including
> Tk, wx, GTK+, and Qt, to make desktop applications of course, but it's
> not commercially common and I wouldn't ever expect to see that on a job
> posting.

Really? Never?