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Question on ABC classes

On Friday, 23 October 2020 07:36:39 UTC+2, Greg Ewing  wrote:
> On 23/10/20 2:13 pm, Julio Di Egidio wrote:
> > I am now thinking whether I could achieve the "standard"
> > behaviour via another approach, say with decorators, somehow
> > intercepting calls to __new__... maybe.
> I'm inclined to step back and ask -- why do you care about this?
> Would it actually do any harm if someone instantiated your
> base class? If not, then it's probably not worth going out
> of your way to prevent it.

This is the first little library I try to put together
in Python, and it was natural for me to hit it with all
the relevant decorations as well as type annotations in
order to expose *strict* contracts, plus hopefully have
intellisense work all over the place.

After several days of struggling, I am indeed finding that
impossible in Python, at least with the available tools,
and I am indeed going out of my way to just get some
half-decent results...  But, if I give up on strict
contracts, I can as well give up on type annotations
and the whole lot, indeed why even subclass ABC?  Which
is maybe too drastic, maybe not: it's the next thing I
am going to try, and see what I remain with. :)

Of course, any more hints welcome...