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Debugging a memory leak

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:20 PM Pasha Stetsenko <stpasha at> wrote:
> I'm currently not sure where to go from here. Is there something wrong with
> my python object that prevents it from being correctly processed by the
> Python runtime? Because this doesn't seem to be the usual case of
> incrementing the refcount too many times.

Hard to say without seeing the source code. Is your code available anywhere?

A few things to test:

1) Can you replicate this behaviour with only standard library
classes? Try to find something implemented in C that uses tp_dealloc
in a similar way to you.
2) Can you replicate this with an extremely simple cut-down class, and
then publish the code for that class along with your question?
3) Does this happen on other operating systems or only on Mac OS? If
you can't yourself test this, hopefully posting code from the other
two questions will allow other people to try it.