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GUI (tkinter) popularity and job prospects for

On 10/22/20 12:58 PM, Lammie Jonson wrote:
> I have been a rails developer as well as JS/react. I had wanted to
> look at python a bit due to it's popularity.
> I looked at tkinter which seems to have quite a few examples out
> there, but when I searched for tkinter and wxpython it
> appeared that there was hardly any job listings mentioning those. Why
> is that ? It's a bit of a demotivating factor to get very serious
> with tk etc. 

I doubt you'll find any jobs connected a particular Python GUI toolkit.
Except maybe at Red Hat. Most likely you'll find Python used in web app
development, back-end server system programming, scripting, etc.

Of course Python can be used with a variety of GUI toolkits including
Tk, wx, GTK+, and Qt, to make desktop applications of course, but it's
not commercially common and I wouldn't ever expect to see that on a job

> I was going to look at something like tensorflow perhaps, though I am
> not sure if machine learning is that easy to pickup or not

Not sure anything difficult and worthwhile, even if it is popular and in
demand, is something you can just "[easily] pick up."  But good luck to
you.  If you can find some fun side projects to do with with it while
gaining experience, I'm sure that will look good on a resume.