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GUI (tkinter) popularity and job prospects for

Hi Lammie,

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 10:03 PM Lammie Jonson <jrubiando at> wrote:

> I looked at tkinter which seems to have quite a few examples out there,
> but when I searched for tkinter and wxpython it appeared that
> there was hardly any job listings mentioning those. Why is that ?

My guess would be that that is because we are after quite a few years of a
world-wide, cross-industry move away from making desktop apps towards
making web apps and mobile apps. To my knowledge, there are very few job
listings looking for mastery of any desktop UI technologies, certainly
relative to web-based UI technologies. (There are exceptions to this, of

I was going to look at something like tensorflow perhaps, though I am not
> sure if machine learning is that easy to pickup or not

"Data science", using machine learning or otherwise, has become very
popular and there are many jobs in most tech hubs for those with relevant
skills. It requires a somewhat different set of skills, such as a solid
working knowledge of statistics. Generally speaking and without knowing
your specific circumstances, I think this would be a much safer bet in
terms of employment options than learning desktop UI techs. It's not for
everyone though; how hard it will be for you is hard to say, it's an
individual thing. It's also a different type of work, so your motivation
and interest in it may not be the same, for better or worse. If you're
interested, there are plenty of learning resources out there; perhaps try
an introductory "data science" course or book and see how it feels to you.

- Tal