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Simple question - end a raw string with a single backslash ?

On Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:19:18 -0600, Michael Torrie wrote:

> Python certainly is procedural.  A script starts at the top and executes
> through to the bottom and ends, barring any flow control in the middle.
>  Like Perl you can use it in many different ways and paradigms including
> OO if you desire.

That's not the point. In Python, regular expressions are a class. So are strings and lists. 
In Perl, there are no classes. Procedural paradigm means that you are modelling the real world
with the objects provided by the computer environment: strings, numbers, lists or hashes (known 
as "dictionaries" in Python). OO paradigm allows you to create objects and make them behave like 
in the real world. In other words, in OO paradighm, data and functions are related. The basic 
idea of the OO was to make code sharing much easier. However, things  do not always work as 
they should:

Of course, not everybody agrees. People never do:

Sometimes, OO has its funny side:

Mladen Gogala
Database Consultant