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File Name issue

I am not sure if what I did to repair it but the problem is gone.
A copy/paste/rename was performed on the original code file and now I do not
get the error. No need for "r" or "\"...

WTH? I hate it when that happens.


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On 2020-10-17 23:12, Steve wrote:
> The line:
> with open("HOURLYLOG.txt", 'r') as infile:
> works but, when I rename the file, the line:
> with open("HOURLY-LOG.txt", 'r') as infile:
> does not.  The complaint is: Cannot Assign to operator
> However, I have:
> BPM_O2s=open("BPM-O2-Readings.txt","a")
> And it works.
> At first, I thought the issue was due to having the - in the filename.
> Is there a fix or explanation for this?
> Steve
I see nothing wrong in those lines as written.

Try reducing it to the smallest complete example that shows the problem.