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Subprocess Connection Error


I bought a book called Coding for Beginners to learn how to code using Python. The first few exercises went fine. When I got to the page called Recognizing types and did the exercise and saved it and tried to run the module it comes up with a Subprocess Connection Error. It says, "IDLE's subprocess didn't make connection. See the Start up failure section of the IDLE doc, online at"; I went there and it said to try uninstalling python and then reinstalling it. I did this and it did the same thing again. It also said something about it is because of the antivirus software. I tried installing python on a different computer and it happened at the exact same place in the exercises in the book. I am far from being a computer whiz, just thought it would be fun to learn some simple coding. Any help would be appreciated. One more thing, the book says to save it as "". 

Thank you,
Dave Dungan