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Python for Windows

On 10/14/20 11:29 AM, Ana Mar?a Pliego San Mart?n wrote:
> I've tried to install Python a couple of times on my computer. Although it
> works fine when first downloaded, every time I turn off my computer and
> then back on Python says it has a problem that needs fixing. After "fixing"
> it, I still encounter some issues and have the need to uninstall it and
> install it again. Do you know what the problem is?

You are running the installer again, not the Python interpreter. Kindly
delete the installer file so this won't happen again.  Please see this
on-line documentation:

Note that Python is an interpreter. It's not a GUI app, and it's not an
IDE. It requires a python script (program) to do anything. Again, see
the link above. Python does ship with a program called IDLE, which does
provide an editor and means of running scripts without using the command
prompt.  It should be in your start menu.