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Weird behavior for IDLE...

On 10/13/2020 4:51 AM, Steve wrote:
> Why does IDLE always open with the lowest three lines of the window end up
> hidden below the bottom of the screen behind the task bar? Every time I use
> it,  I have to stop and grab the top of the window and drag it up to see the
> line and row information.  I explored the Options/Configure IDLE but did not
> see anything that would help.

The issue is lines on the screen, which depends on screen, font, and 
fontsize, versus lines in the editor window plus lines above the editor 
window.  On the General tab, you can ask for fewer lines in the editor 

Use Options -> Zoom Height to get the max lines possible.

The positioning of the top of the window is the tk default.  This might 
be changed if it became the highest priority.

Terry Jan Reedy