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Dowloading package dependencies from locked down machine

On 28/07/2020 9:43 am, Andrew McLean wrote:
> On 26/07/2020 14:07, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
>> I think your best bet is to make a formal business case to your IT
>> people and explain what's in it for them. If they hold all the cards
>> you defeat them at your peril.
> The issue is that the IT department thinks that installing the full
> power of Python scripting on an Internet facing machine is
> inconsistent with the "Cyber Essentials Plus" accreditiation that they
> need to win Government contracts. 

If that is the issue you need to change their thinking. You need to
persuade them first that "Cyber Essentials Plus" accreditation is not
necessary to win government contracts -OR- that replacing vb with python
will (perhaps) enhance it to "Plus Plus"

> I'm trying to come up with an alternative that would be acceptable to
> them, I'm not going behind their backs.

They could unlock your machine in a wink if you can successfully argue a
compelling case.

> I wonder, would it be possible to create a standalone executable
> version of pip with py2exe or similar?

It might be possible. I don't know. I think however it would be
unnecessary if you win your case.

The hard facts are that IT people are usually overloaded and
under-resourced. Anything out of the ordinary is a severe burden. Not
only do they have to start catering for individual differences they have
to be able to justify their decisions to management *before* anything
goes wrong. Because if it did go wrong and they hadn't run it past the
boss they would be looking (with a "loose cannon" blot on their CV) for
another employer.

May the case be with you!


> - Andrew

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