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Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam (was: EuroPython 2020: Data Science Track)

On 23Jul2020 10:39, Christian Heimes <christian at> wrote:
>On 23/07/2020 02.12, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>> I have never attended EuroPython and probably never will (I'm on the
>> other side of the planet) but I'm still interested. Rather than
>> subscribe to every conference thing, getting them here is very
>> convenient.
>I have been to a lot of EuroPython conferences. [...]
>I'm not disputing the fact that a conference can use the generic Python
>users list for announcements. It's the fact that EP is literally
>spamming the list with threads like "Opening our merchandise shop",
>"Find a new job", "Introducing our diamond sponsor", and "Presenting our
>conference booklet". That's just spam to advertise for the conference or
>a company. Some EP announcements were cross-posted to multiple mailing
>lists like psf-community at, too.

Hmm, yes. For these posts, colour me convinced. I'd be happy to see 
these dialed back - they arguably belong on a europython announcement 
list.  Things like "conference rescheduled", "attendance arrangements 
changes due to the virus" etc seem worthy of the main list to me, by 

Cameron Simpson <cs at>