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Installing Python 3.8.3 with tkinter

Am 23.07.20 um 06:30 schrieb Klaus Jantzen:
> On 7/22/20 11:05 PM, Ned Deily wrote:
>> On 2020-07-22 06:20, Klaus Jantzen wrote:
>>> Trying to install Python 3.8.3 with tkinter I run configure with the
>>> following options
>>> ./configure --enable-optimizations --with-ssl-default-suites=openssl
>>> --with-openssl=/usr/local --enable-loadable-sqlite-extensions
>>> --with-pydebug --with-tcltk-libs='-L/opt/ActiveTcl-8.6/lib/tcl8.6'
>>> --with-tcltk-includes='-I/opt/ActiveTcl-8.6/include'
>>> Running Python gives the following information
>> [...]
>>> How do that correctly?
>> Try --with-tcltk-libs='-L/opt/ActiveTcl-8.6/lib -ltcl8.6 -ltk8.6'
> Thank you for your suggestion; unfortunately it did not help.

Does the configure process output something when checking for Tcl/Tk? 
Does it say "no"? THen you can analyse the config.log file what happened.

In order to compile Tk extensions, you need X11 development headers. 
Maybe that is one problem.