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Load python from different plugin dlls


> My test looks like this right now.

And there you have a probem, as I have no experience with what those 
functions do.   The below is therefore just a bit of educated guessing, so 
caveat emperor.

> According to the docs  PyImport_AppendInittab should be called
> before Py_Initialize

And should probably be done only once - adding the same module to the same 
list will likely fail, though the above function will than just return a -1 
(minus one) result.

>            Py_InitializeEx(Py_IsInitialized() ? 0 : 1);

Initializing when already being initialized might well be the cause of your 
AccessViolation - the first plugin looses its objects, but still tries to 
use them.

Suggestion: Do a Py_IsInitialized() and if so skip the the Py_InitializeEx() 
(and maybe change that one to the simpler Py_Initialize() ).

Hope that helps.

Rudy Wieser