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Technical debt - was Re: datetime seems to be broken WRT timezones (even when you add them)

On 2/11/20 5:53 PM, Python wrote:
> If your hypothetical project was implemented perfectly from the
> beginning, in Python2.x, it may never need updating, and therefore
> there may well never be any reason to port it to python3.  So doing so
> would be neither "debt" nor "cost" but rather "waste."

I would agree generally, except eventually Python2 will be unavailable
in your distro and may no longer be build-able on current OS's.  However
if the program is working as well as you state, then the cost of
converting to the current version of Python (whatever that will be) is
not going to increase significantly.  Whatever the case, technical debt
belongs to the entity that owns the code.

I know some folks still running an MS-DOS system for billing.  Thanks to
things like DosBox, this system will live on for a long time yet. It
works, and they don't have any real need for anything beyond it.  It's
never needed much updating or maintenance beyond maintenance they would
do anyway like backups.  Insane amounts of technical debt?  Maybe.  Or
maybe just the cost of buying a new off-the-shelf system, which would be
the same cost (or more likely a lot more with upgrades and service
plans) had they done this years ago.