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How to instlal pyodbc, without pip

On 2/4/2020 12:34 PM, dcwhatthe at wrote:

> Pip won't work on my desktop, because of the firewalls we have set up.
> I have the version from github.  Assuming my Python 3.8.1 Home Directory is C:\Python, How can I install pyodbc

If you have dependencies installed, you should be able to pip install 
with a command line arg telling it to use that file.  Can you run pip -h?
  >  Which folders should I unzip it into?

The pyodbc package must end up in .../Lib/site-packages.  Unzipping 
there might work, or maybe not.  The zipped manifest.ini and 
and maybe other files have the installation details, which pip reads and 

Terry Jan Reedy