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Please answer fast.....

On 1/02/20 1:05 AM, Souvik Dutta wrote:
> Hi,
> This is problem from pyqt5. Actually I want to have about 40 labels added
> into a window when a button is clicked. The text are not the same so the
> label is not the same. I cannot just add 40 labels before hand and then
> change its text to something from a qlineedit. Please say me something that
> is more efficient and less idiot like. Thank you.

Hi, you have certainly become part of the Python community. It's 
probably too late to say "welcome".

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this sort of discussion list, so please 
allow me try helping you to fit-in...

Are you aware that the people who might ask your question are paid as 
much for that, as you were when asking it? ie ZERO! Is the message title 
respectfully asking for someone to give-up his/her free time to help 
you? The key word is "community" (as distinct from HelpDesk or 
(salaried) Support Department).

Has this question been asked before? Such could only be ascertained by 
reviewing the list's archives (which we should all do before posting). 
Let's assume (with some confidence) that you are 'the first' to ask 
about Qt5 labels and buttons, how might someone else with a similar 
question, sometime in the future, be able to find 'the answer'? Would 
the message title "Please answer fast..." do it for you/for them? So, 
thoughtful selection of question subject-lines, just as for Python 
object names, is how you would be helping us all!
(at the same time as asking ('everyone') for help)

Sometimes people come to the list asking for 'work' to be done for them 
- either to avoid $paying a professional, or perhaps to avoid doing 
their homework - which rather defeats their learning objectives, but...! 
(that's a question/reference you will have seen on-list during the last 
few days) If you show (code) what you have done (and err.msgs showing 
where it went-wrong), might other people be more motivated to help you?

Similarly, (see this sort of response in other posts) if you are 
challenged coping with something 'new', would it help a respondent if 
you mentioned your (level of) existing knowledge, eg even "it worked in 
Qt4" informs. If "forms" is a new topic to you, or you are a beginner at 
learning Python, mentioning the tutorial/book/course you are following 
would also help 'set the scene' and assist/motivate us to help you with 
something "more efficient and less idiot like". (More/less than what?)

Lastly, (and with apologies because I don't know the answer to either 
your posted-question, or this one) is this the best place for Qt 
questions, or are there alternative venues? Which is not to say that 
there won't be someone, who is also using Qt5 from Python, who will be 
able to help...

Apologies if it feels as if I am rebuking you. The intent is actually to 
help you, and to hope that as you ask questions and learn for yourself, 
we might also learn (from you)!
(the bulk of the membership read far more posts than they ever 
post/contribute answers)

Here's hoping someone smarter than I (and five times cuter - hah, 
"Qt5"!) will be able to help...
Regards =dn