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Help on PyQt5 !!

On 1/30/20 4:38 AM, Souvik Dutta wrote:
> Hey guys. I might be asking the most childish question. I have a window in
> pyqt5 (a file in python). Let's call it win1.
> I have another pyqt5 (another file in python). Let's call it win2. Now win2
> is called when add button in win1 is clicked. So far no problem. But win2
> has another button called save. When this is called I want a label to
> appear in win1. How can I do this?? And how can I have a number of labels
> like this when a certain condition is fulfilled?? Thank you in advance for
> your help.

There are some additional resources you might consider using, and will
likely get faster responses with regards to Qt questions.  First is the
PyQt5 mailing list. .  Also there
are the normal Qt forums:

As to your question, you can add a label to a window the same way you
would add the label in the first place.  Likely you'll want a QBoxLayout
widget to place the label(s) into, with the addWidget() method.  Take a
look at the Qt docs for signal, methods, etc. .  For the most part, PyQt5's
method calls, signals, and slots, are the same in Python as they are in C++.