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ANN: Wing Python IDE released

Wing 7.2.1 has been released.  This update fixes debug process group 
termination, avoids failures seen when pasting some Python code, 
prevents crashing in vi browse mode when the first line of the file is 
blank, and fixes some other usability issues.  For details see the 
change log:

== Auto-Reformatting with Black and YAPF (Wing Pro) ==

Wing 7.2 adds support for Black and YAPF for code reformatting, in 
addition to the previously available built-in autopep8 reformatting. To 
use Black or YAPF, they must first be installed into your Python with 
pip, conda, or other package manager. Reformatting options are available 
from the Source > Reformatting menu group, and automatic reformatting 
may be configured in the Editor > Auto-reformatting preferences group.  

== Improved Support for Virtualenv ==

Wing 7.2 improves support for virtualenv by allowing the command that 
activates the environment to be entered in the Python Executable in 
Project Properties, Launch Configurations, and when creating new 
projects. The New Project dialog now also includes the option to create 
a new virtualenv along with the new project, optionally specifying 
packages to install.  Details:

== Support for Anaconda Environments ==

Similarly, Wing 7.2 adds support for Anaconda environments, so the conda 
activate command can be entered when configuring the Python Executable 
and the New Project dialog supports using an existing Anaconda 
environment or creating a new one along with the project.  Details:

== And More ==

Wing 7.2 also makes it easier to debug modules with python -m, 
simplifies manual configuration of remote debugging, allows using a 
command line for the configured Python Executable, and fixes a number of 
usability issues.

For a complete list of new features in Wing 7, see What's New in Wing 7:

== Downloads ==

Wing Pro:
Wing Personal:
Wing 101:

Compare products:

See for details on upgrading 
from Wing 6 and earlier, and 
for a list of compatibility notes.