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Suggestions on mechanism or existing code - maintain persistence of file download history

On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 8:59 AM DL Neil via Python-list
<python-list at> wrote:
> * NB I don't use SQLite (in favor of going 'full-fat') and thus cannot
> vouch for its behavior under load/queuing mechanism/concurrent
> accesses... but I'm biased and probably think/write SQL more readily
> than Python - oops!

I don't use SQLite either, and I always have a PostgreSQL database
around that I can use. That said, though, I believe SQLite is fine in
terms of reliability; the reason it's a bad choice for concurrency is
that it uses large-scale locks to ensure safety, which means that
multiple writers will block against each other. But that's fine for
this use-case.

So my recommendations would be:
1) Something stateless, or where the state is intrinsic to the downloaded files
2) Or failing that, use a database rather than a flat file for your state.