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Problems with Python install on Windows 10


I am having great problems installing Python 3.8.1 on my Windows 10 64 bit
system. I have tried using chocolatey as referenced at - it
says it is installed but it isn't!

I've tried downloading from
(the Windows
x86-64 executable installer
<>) and
running that. Again says it is installed - but it clearly isn't.

If I open a command prompt and type 'python', I get

TCC: (Sys) The file cannot be accessed by the system

If I search in that directory, I find a <SYMLINK> to python.exe. I have
added that directory to my Path. I can see Python 3.8.1 in the Control
Panel. I've rebooted. Reinstalled. Tried just about everything - but cannot
get past either the crazy Microsoft Store app request or 'the file cannot
be accessed' message. HELP!!

Any advice is REALLY welcome! Thanks