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PyInstaller needs Funding by your Company

Am 07.01.20 um 17:19 schrieb Christian Gollwitzer:
> Am 07.01.20 um 15:09 schrieb Hartmut Goebel:
>> Maintianing PyInstaller at a proper level requires about 4 to 5 days per
>> month. Which means about 4,000 to 5,000 ? per month and about 50,000 to
>> 60,000 ? per year.
> these numbers sound odd to me. 4000? - 5000? per month or equivalently
> 60,000? per year is the level of academic full-time jobs in Germany,
> i.e. that would be 4-5 days per week, not per month.
Based on the hourly rate calculator at, the average rate for
software developers is 85 ?. This is a very specialized job, and I'm
senior, thus my rate should be a bit higher. Also this has to compete
with the offerings I get as a InfoSec consultant, which are above.

Please also keep in mind: PyInstaller is used by eg. Google, Docker,
CarbonBlack, Siemens, and quite some other really big ones. There is no
reason for me to spend my spare-time to make them earn money.

(Also your figure seems to not take into account the "Lohnnebenkosten" -
health insurance, pension fond, etc.)

Sch?nen Gru?
Hartmut Goebel
Dipl.-Informatiker (univ), CISSP, CSSLP, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer
Information Security Management, Security Governance, Secure Software

Goebel Consult, Landshut