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Python, Be Bold! - The Draft

On 1/6/20 10:24 AM, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer wrote:
> Maybe but if you know or have heard of Julia the language. You will realise
> its going to take over what python gives us. So i think there is urgent
> need for upgrades to newer versions of python to make basic tasks on python
> way quicker.

No it sure won't.  You can't possibly make such a blanket statement.
Julia might replace python for some users, perhaps those involved in
data science, but Python stands on its own merits. And currently that
standing is pretty good.  If that changes in the future, oh well.
Languages come and go.  Besides all that, if some users find Julia fits
their need better, why is that a bad thing?  You talk like it's a zero
sum game. It's not.  I don't see where this urgency is coming from.

Put in another way, Python fills the needs of many users at present.
This isn't going to magically change because you see something that is
deficient in your opinion.