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heap enhancements

ok, so it could be like this?

import sys
chain =
array_z = list()
for line in chain:
    row=list(map(str, line.split()))
#every line in input changes into 2D array

def checking(chain):
    "checking if characters are numbers or not"
    for char in chain:
        if char not in "0123456789-":
            return False
    return True

class MaxHeap:
    def __init__(self):
        """heap __init__ constructor"""
        self.heap =[]
    def bubble_up(self, i):
        """"bubble the element up if condition is ok """
        while i > 0:
            j = (i - 1) // 2
            if self.heap[i] <= self.heap[j]:
            self.heap[j], self.heap[i] = self.heap[i], self.heap[j]
            i = j
    def insert(self, k):
        """insert element in heap"""
        self.heap += [k]
        self.bubble_up(len(self.heap) - 1)
    def peek(self):
        """return the biggest element"""
        return self.heap[0]
    def size(self):
        """return quantity of elements in heap"""
        return len(self.heap)
    def is_empty(self):
        """is heap empty?"""
        return self.size() == 0
    def bubble_down(self, i):
        """bubble down the element"""
        n = self.size()
        while 2 * i + 1 < n:
            j = 2 * i + 1
            if j + 1 < n and self.heap[j] < self.heap[j + 1]:
                j += 1
            if self.heap[i] < self.heap[j]:
                self.heap[i], self.heap[j] = self.heap[j], self.heap[i]
            i = j
    def pop(self):
        """delete the biggest element and change the heap"""
        element = self.heap[0]
        self.heap[0] = self.heap[-1]
        return element

for i in range (len( array_z)):
    for j in range (len( array_z[i])):
        digit_z= array_z[i][j]
        if digit_z.isdigit() is True:
            array_z[i][j]=int( array_z[i][j])
        check =checking(digit_z)
        if check is True:
            array_z[i][j]=int( array_z[i][j])

for a in range (len( array_z)):
    if  array_z[a][0]>0:
        Heap.insert( array_z[a])
    if  array_z[a][0] < 0:
        print( array_z[a][1]+": ",end="") #print name of delivery
        index_of_package= array_z[a][0]
        while index_of_package<0 and (Heap.is_empty()) is False:
            print(delivery_package[1],end=" ") #print name of package in delivery
            index_of_package+= 1
print("Depo: ",end="")
while (Heap.is_empty()) is False:
    print(depo_package[1],end=" ") #print name of package in depo